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Welcome to Launchgrad. With over a decade of experience, we specialize in fast-tracking your career progression. We believe in a unique and personalized approach to career coaching, made available in 1:1 sessions or small group retreats. We do not offer one-size-fits-all packages; instead, we focus on creating real, productive relationships. Our success is driven by word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients and their families.

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Leigh Thompson | Launchgrad

Leigh Thompson, MBA

As a mentor and coach, Leigh empowers young professionals (typically in their 20’s to early 30’s) to create their best “next chapter”.

With a career journey that’s spanned Fortune 500 firms to local non-profits, Leigh brings professional wisdom and a talent for deep listening to her clients. She helps them reach clarity about themselves, their values, strengths, skills, and goals. From this place of self-knowledge, clients work with Leigh to co-create career advancement.

Graduating with Phi Beta Kappa honors from the University of Virginia, Leigh’s first “real” job was on Wall Street as a Financial Analyst for Morgan Stanley. After working in New York, Leigh earned her MBA with honors from UCLA. Following grad school, Leigh worked for many years in Brand Management at Kraft Foods in Chicago, learning to position consumer brands for marketplace success. Now, Leigh’s “secret sauce” is applying these skills to position CLIENTS for marketplace success.

After having children, Leigh and her family moved to Atlanta, where Leigh raised her children while working part-time in marketing and management roles for local non-profits. A strong believer in making a difference in your own backyard, Leigh served as Parents Association President and Board Chair of her children’s school and on the Session (similar to a Board) of her local Presbyterian church.

Leigh’s goal for each client is holistic. Helping clients find meaningful work and craft successful careers are her firm’s primary reasons for being. But, along the way, Leigh also hopes to impart a bit of life wisdom to every young professional who crosses her path.

Leigh’s lens on life is grounded in the belief that we are creatures of mind, body, and spirit, and a rich life springs from our efforts to care for and grow in all three areas. As a very human but well-intentioned person of faith, Leigh sees her work as both a job and vocation. As such, clients are encouraged to find a meaningful career path that pays the bills, and also fosters growth and takes into account all aspects of their lives.

Leigh is fortunate to have close working relationships with a small group of experienced coaches, mental health counselors, educators and spiritual advisors who support Leigh and her clients. As a mentor and coach, Leigh advises clients on career decisions. When clients seem to need support beyond her capabilities and training, Leigh refers clients to other helping professionals.