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Linkedin Profile Optimization

Boost your professional online presence and connect with potential employers and industry peers with Launchgrad’s LinkedIn Optimization services. We equip you to leverage the power of LinkedIn to showcase your unique professional story and skills.
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What We Offer

Linkedin Optimization at Launchgrad

LinkedIn has become an essential platform for professionals to network, discover job opportunities, and exhibit their career achievements. At Launchgrad, we offer specialized LinkedIn Optimization services to help you maximize the platform’s potential and increase your visibility to recruiters and industry leaders.
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Linkedin Profile Optimization | Launchgrad

Showing Your Best Self

Crafting Your Professional Story

Your LinkedIn profile is more than just an online resume; it’s a platform to showcase your professional journey, accomplishments, and aspirations. Our coaches guide you in crafting a compelling LinkedIn summary and experience section that tell your unique professional story and make a lasting impression.

Highlighting Your Skills and Endorsements

We assist you in effectively highlighting your skills and securing endorsements to strengthen your profile. This process not only showcases your competencies but also increases your profile’s visibility in LinkedIn searches by recruiters and hiring managers.

Linkedin Profile Optimization | Launchgrad

Catered to You

Effective Networking and Job Hunting

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for networking and job hunting when used effectively. We provide you with strategies to connect with industry professionals, join relevant groups, and leverage LinkedIn’s job search capabilities.

Boost Your LinkedIn Profile with Launchgrad

Ready to elevate your professional online presence? Connect with Launchgrad today, and let’s optimize your LinkedIn profile for success.

Linkedin Profile Optimization | Launchgrad

What Clients Say:

Leigh’s ability to clarify her client’s strengths and translate them to a business context is invaluable. She helped me gain awareness of what skills and talents help me shine in a workplace and how to market these abilities in a top-notch cover letter and resume. Leigh's action-oriented approach to her work created specific objectives and outcomes for our career discovery process. Not only did I learn a lot by working with her, but our weekly calls were often the highlight of my week! I highly recommend working with Leigh if you wish to better align your strengths with your career.

- Jen, Young Professional

I truly do not know what I would have done without you. The experience with LaunchGrad has just been incredible. Your counsel has been so insightful, encouraging, and refreshing. I always looked forward to my Wednesday mornings with you! I know the work is not finished yet, but I want to go ahead and credit you with any of my future successes. You laid an incredible foundation. If you ever need a testimonial, I am your person! Thank you, again!

- Caroline, UGA Senior

My wish for every young person, navigating the maze of a job search and adult life, is that they could have Leigh on their side. Her compassionate guidance has been invaluable to me post-graduation, and I left her office with a new sense of confidence and direction. As she told me, "Once I am on your team, I am always on your team." She replaced my uncertainty with excitement, my anxiety with a to-do list, and my resume with a better resume! I truly don't know what I would have done without her.

- Mary, Young Professional

Leigh was a bit of a lucky charm for me -- I landed a full-time job shortly after I started working with her. She took the time to get to know me so that she could personalize the career consulting services to fit my needs. She helped me with my resume and LinkedIn profile, interview skills and my 'elevator pitch', and performed personality testing to help me learn more about myself and my ideal work environment.

- Foster, Young Professional

Client Launches – Because Results Matter!

At Launchgrad, we guide clients through a job search journey that’s been informed and refined over 10+ years of working with young professionals. We’re really proud of our clients and their launches!

Clients have secured offers from a variety of firms and organizations across numerous industries including:

Ready to Launch?

Ready to take your career to the next level? Let Launchgrad’s expert consulting guide you to success. Unleash your potential and navigate the job market with confidence!